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Dr. Gruder Interviewed on
Entrepreneur Strategic Self-Development™ 
How the Human Potential movement got stuck:
Silos & Training Traps
Most of us have become accustomed to using one set of resources for various aspects of our self-development, another for developing our personal relationships, yet another to improve collaboration at work, yet others for our entrepreneur development, and still others for our leadership development.
That’s what I mean by Silos. In my view, this fracturing of the Human Potential field has been going on for so long that people rarely think twice about it even though it's a real problem. Why? Because siloed development is inefficient: it's been causing us to spend unnecessarily large amounts of time & money on our development!

In addition, it seems to me that far too many Human Potential “gurus” have fallen prey to three major Training Traps:
Training Trap #1:
Getting Signups Through Hypnotic Over-Selling
Many high profile figures in the Human Potential fields are touching, persuasive & charismatic when speaking about:
A) Our highest aspirations;
B) The challenges that seem to stand between us and our aspirations; and
C) What we can do to eliminate those challenges and fully manifest our aspirations.
Most of these thought leaders are also highly gifted at selling costly programs of theirs. The problem is that Inspirational Sellers by and large tend to be far stronger on motivating than on providing step-by-step solutions. This means that too many people who enroll in their programs end up feeling like they didn’t get what they were looking for.
So, what do many end up doing? Spend even more money on more advanced training that these folks offer.
Too many consumers of Human Potential resources ultimately end up feeling like they’ve invested in a money pit that hasn’t provided enough of a return on their investment to justify the time and money they’ve devoted to their development.
Training Trap #2:
Over-Relying On
Situational Highs
Some high profile Human Potential leaders are particularly gifted at providing people with powerful experiences during their introductory events & their training programs.
* Experiences that activate insights that feel the time.
* Experiences that induce levels of aliveness that feel the time.
* Experiences that stir up motivation that feels the time.
Here's the problem: after these Situational High experiences, many people find that:
A) Their new insights were true but not useful;
B) Their new levels of aliveness were temporary rather than lasting; and
C) Their supposedly unstoppable motivation is not consistently converting into sustained results.
Too many consumers of Human Potential Resources end up enrolling in more & more “Situational High” programs
in the false hope that the shifts they experience during them
will somehow eventually “stick” out in their daily lives.
Training Trap #3:
Positive Thinking
Some high profile Human Potential leaders provide some valuable “positive psychology” mindset training and skills, on top of the inspiration and situational highs they often also offer.
However, the big problem with Positive Thinking techniques is misusing them to place sweet smelling positive thoughts on top of our unresolved baggage, only to end up with little more than sweet smelling baggage.
Over-relying on changing thoughts as the be-all-end-all causes far too many people to feel like something’s wrong with them because all their positive thinking efforts haven't ended up producing the results they desire
(and often were promised).

The Solution?
Unified Human Potential.
As sad as I am that these Silos & Training Traps are as prevalent as they are in the Human Potential movement, I’m also excited, because they can be repaired in ways that can enable this incredibly valuable field to take its next huge leaps forward in helping to boost people's effectiveness in all areas of their life.
I see these forward leaps happening through:
1. Unifying the Silos.
2. Repairing the Training Traps.
3. Adding training in the foundational mindsets & skills that success in all areas of Human Potential depend upon. (Yes, you read that right: what I've found is that all of these areas of Human Potential share a common core of foundational mindsets & skills.)
4. Teaching people how to be highly strategic & tactically effective in managing their development journey.

As I see it, this 4-pronged approach is the key to making Human Potential far more efficient & less expensive than ever before. The best parallel to this is the shift from conventional medicine to integrative health & medicine. Now it’s Human Potential’s turn to adopt an integrative approach!
The Unified Human Potential Approach
Unified Human Development Includes...
  • ** Self-care habits & financial wellbeing
    ** Purpose, passion & authenticity
    ** Collaboration effectiveness in personal & work relationships
    ** Entrepreneur effectiveness & job fulfillment
    ** Impact effectiveness in helping to bring about a better world
    ** Leadership effectiveness
    ** Personal integrity & social responsibility

    And instead of using hypnotic over-selling, Unified Human Potential helps people immunize themselves against being manipulated by covert manipulative selling methods & political spin.
Integrated Training
  • ** Inspiration & motivation
    ** Mindsets & roadmaps
    ** HeartSpiritMindBody-expansion experiences
    ** Skills & procedures for removing blocks that sabotage the ability to remain fully aligned with desired beliefs & habits
    ** Accountability that enables consistent use of these skills & procedures in daily life to attain desired results at home, at work, and in other activities that create positive impact in the world
  • ** Informed consent in place of manipulative hypnotic "manufactured consent" selling

    Instead of over-relying on situational highs, these expansion experiences are used to help people open doors that they understand will only come to remain permanently open through skills training & accountability procedures.
Strategic Self-Development:
Human Potential 2.0!
Unified Human Potential is about being empowered to live your life at the level of your highest intentions instead of at the level of your psychological baggage & skills limitations.
Positive thinking by itself is simply not enough to achieve this. Blocks to fully embracing desired beliefs often must first be dissolved before we can
fully align with & consistently act from our desired beliefs.
Strategic Self-Development™ is treating your life with the
same level of planning & high leverage implementation that effective leaders use to manage their venture's strategic planning process.
Strategic Self-Development is not a pie-in-the-sky pipe dream.
Neither is Unified Human Potential.
These are what I’ve long referred to as
An Education in Being Human
We Always Needed & Never Got

and as
Self-Development That
Serves Us All
Isn't it time for you to step up into Human Potential 2.0?
Do I Really Have What It Takes to Provide Something This Audacious?
After having received recognition and awards in just about every area of Human Potential over the course of my 40+ year career, my focus is now on trailblazing the emergence of what I have come to call "Unified Human Potential" and Strategic Self-Development.

What qualifies me to help usher in Human Potential 2.0 and help you get more from Human Potential Resources by mastering Strategic Self-Development? Well, most of all, this is the framework I’ve needed for my own development but haven't found elsewhere. On top of that, the wide range of experience and expertise I’ve been recognized as having places me in an ideal position to bring this to the world. My past reluctance to toot my own horn has caused many people who know me professionally to not know this. So, here’s the scoop about me:

  1. ** My PhD is in both clinical & organizational development psychology. Clinical psychology primarily focuses on personal development. Organizational development psychology primarily focuses on how leadership & culture development in businesses, nonprofits and other institutions. In addition to being a licensed psychologist (PSY9266), I am also a licensed marriage & family therapist (MFT18889). This means that my expertise has been established in not only personal development and organizational development but also in relationship development.
  2. ** My books have won a wide range of awards (some more than once), in politics, society, & social change, in business & leadership, in health & wellness, in mental health & psychology, and in self-help. (My unusually integrative approach to psychology is largely the result of my father steeping me in Constitutional Law — this was his first love as an attorney and we discussed it an awful lot while I was growing up. It took me years to integrate this with the profound ways my world view was permanently transformed because of having attended the famous Woodstock music festival when I was 15. Reconciling what I learned from being at Woodstock with what I learned from my father is part the untold story behind why my books have won awards in such a wide range of categories. It also helped that my mother was a published poet and I was the Executive Editor of my university's newspaper as an undergraduate.)
  3. ** I’ve designed approximately 100 training & certification programs since 1972, ranging in length from 2 hours to 5 days, and have provided keynotes, training programs & mentoring in 7 countries on 3 continents in virtually all major aspect of Human Potential. Among many other topics, I have taught courses on the psychology of converting life energy into money by combining my psychological expertise with what my Dad taught me as a CPA & Tax Attorney (this is what he did to actually make a living as an attorney). And I have also long been recognized as a leading expert in Energy Psychology methods, Anger Literacy skills, and the archetypes of human development, leadership, and healthy masculinity.
  4. ** I've co-founded, led, consulted to, and served on boards of for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations. This includes businesses, nonprofits, healthcare & mental health organizations, educational institutions, and governance groups. I have also played central roles in  turning siloed fields into collaborative ones.
  5. ** I’m Co-Head of Faculty for a large international entrepreneur development organization that's been in existence for 25+ years (CEO Space International) and a Lead Faculty member with the California Institute for Human Science.
  6. ** I've mentored & trained people in governance leadership roles, from local politicians to World Trade Organization ambassadors.
  7. ** I have a long history in integrative wellness leadership, starting when I was an administrator for the first integrative health & medicine organization in the 1970s and going on to become founding president of an integrative psychology organization in the late 1990s.
  8. ** I was the first recipient of a leadership award that was named in my honor back in 2001.
  9. ** Radio & TV Reports named me America's Integrity Expert in 2008, and in addition to having given literally hundreds of media interviews, I’ve been featured in Forbes 15 times and counting.

As I look back on my unusually varied career trajectory now that I’m in my early 60s, it now seems quite clear that I've been groomed all along to play a major role in birthing Unified Human Potential, no? Best of all, I’m really excited to invite you to become a free Charter Member of a Unified Human Potential resource I'm creating that I'll tell you about and link you to a little further below.

3 Examples of the Scores of Kudos I've Received
Dr. Constance Wells,
Senior Vice President (Ret.),
Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures
“I wouldn’t be at all surprised if ‘Dr. David Gruder’ became a household name as the person who spearheaded a massive transition and transformation in our individual, relational and societal integrity & wholeness."
Bruce Wright,
Transcendent Thought & Market Leadership Expert
"Dr. Gruder’s work... combines a universal framework that integrates integrity & happiness with key mindsets, skills, & procedures that make integrity profitable."
Dr. Dawson Church,
Publisher of Elite Books & Founder of the
Soul Medicine Institute
"David’s insights may result in him one day being regarded as the ‘Sigmund Freud’ of the twenty-first century."
My Invitation to You:
A Free Charter "Inner Circle" Subscription
Ushering in the "Age of Unified Human Potential” (UHP) feels like the culmination of my life’s work; the ultimate fulfillment of my mission and legacy. To open this new chapter, I’ve created an Inner Circle program and I’m inviting you to join it. Free.

As an Inner Circle member you'll get regular emails from me. Each will contain a Two-Minute UHP Tidbit that will be a quick tip, question or exercise for you to play with that day. A tidbit that I've specially designed to help you keep moving forward with your integrated development in effective and fun ways.

Many of these emails will also include a "Go Deeper” option. That way, when particular UHP Tidbits speak to you, you’ll be able to delve further into that topic. “Go Deeper” options will include links to resources such as:

** Informative videos or articles on that UHP Tidbit Topic
** Webinars or mini-webinars related to that UHP Tidbit Topic
** Books, movies or training opportunities I recommend, or have created myself, for more fully building your mastery in that UHP area.

Inner Circle membership is open to you IF you’re:

1. Passionately dedicated to strategically managing your ongoing integrated development. (I've been in the field for plenty long enough to know that a structured approach isn't some people's cup of tea. But, if a more strategic approach resonates with you, Strategic Self-Development might well be just what you've been looking for.)
2. An integrity-centered entrepreneur, difference maker, or helping professional. (If not, you’re still most welcome to join, as long as you understand that a significant number of emails you’ll receive will be geared to entrepreneurs, leaders and helping professionals.)
3. Wanting access to my expertise as a central go-to resource for mindset shifts, frameworks & roadmaps, skills development, & procedures for effectively achieving your development goals and life aspirations.
4. In agreement with the Terms & Conditions I've described beneath the subscription section below.
Ready to Subscribe?
If Strategic Unified Human Potential is a fit for you,
I invite you to expand into the 21st Century version of “having it all without sacrificing personal integrity, life balance or social responsibility.”
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