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Inner Circle Membership
Terms & Conditions
The "Go Deeper" links you’ll find in many of the UHP Tidbit emails you’ll receive as a free Inner Circle member will be to free resources. Some will be to resources you can purchase when useful to you. Of those, some will be to resources I don't make money from while others will generate revenue for me. As an Inner Circle member, my focus is on providing you with the best resources I know of, regardless of whether or not I stand to gain financially from you utilizing them.

You can be confident that I do not provide resource links to things I don’t believe are highly useful. For instance I won’t be promoting resources as favors to people, businesses or nonprofits who simply seek your eyeballs. Or merely to make money. You can also be certain that I will educate you about the resources I let you know about, so you can make informed choices, rather than feel manipulated into purchasing things you don't need at this time — or perhaps ever.

As an Inner Circle Charter Member, your Inner Circle membership will remain free to you even if I decide at some point in the future to start charging a monthly fee to new subscribers. How cool is that?

Lastly, here’s the self-responsibility you’ve agreed to in becoming an Inner Circle member:

1. All content I’ll be sending to you as an Inner Circle member is purely educational. Being an Inner Circle member does not create a client-psychotherapist relationship between you and me, or with anyone else I'm affiliated with for that matter. (I stopped providing psychotherapy long ago, though I still train & mentor leaders, entrepreneurs, work teams, therapists and other helping professionals.)
2. I can’t know when a resource is right for you — at all or at a particular time time. Only you can determine that.
3. How you make sense of the Unified Human Potential & Strategic Self-Development Tidbits and "Go Deeper" links you'll receive, how you choose to utilize these, and the results you get from them, are solely in your hands.
4. You always remain in control of your subscription. I do not sell, rent, loan, gift, or otherwise share my contact lists to others. The power to unsubscribe or change your email address remains in your hands at all times. The link to do this will be at the bottom of each Inner Circle email you receive from me.
5. Having chosen to become an Inner Circle member means you that have agreed to ALL of the above terms & conditions.
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