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What If You Could Have All The Motivation & Weight Loss You Need Without Going to a Gym PLUS More...All From The Comfort Of Your Own Home?
Have you EVER gotten up and skipped the gym because of cold or bad weather?
Have you EVER felt like doing a quick, effective workout before you head to work?
Have you EVER wanted to quick cook and easy meals that are healthy?
Have you EVER wanted to know what to eat and when?
Have you EVER wanted to lose or maintain weight without stressing or dieting again?
Have you EVER wanted more energy and motivation to do more thing in life?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this membership is for YOU!
Here at Harry's Home Health Centre, we offer everything that is at a gym, BUT ON YOUR TERMS!  You become part of our tribe.
Do a Quick and Effective Workout when YOU want to!
Don't know what to cook for dinner, browse our extensive recipe library and get a delicious, nutritious meal!
Head space not where it needs to be?  Here you will find the motivation you need.
Listen To This Special Message From Our Founder
Leanne Sklavenitis
Leanne is a 27+ year veteran of the health and fitness industry and is ready to help you get the body (and mind) you deserve...right from your own home!
Here's What You Are Going To Be Able To Do!
You have 24/7 access to information, workout tips, videos & mindset training to achieve LASTING results!
Weight Loss Tips & Tricks
Includes my signature 13 Week Program PLUS Tips for long lasting results
Recipes & Nutrition Info
Don't know what to eat? How much to eat? This area gives food plans and specific foods to eat more of or avoid altogether.
Weights, Cardio, Spin & Yoga
Hit the play button and you will have exercise tips & programs in the comfort of your own home. Quick yet effective workouts - new ones produced regularly.
Brain Training
90% of keeping fit lies within the 6 inches between your ears. Reprogram your brain so that you automatically do what's right!

Age Specific Information & Recommendations
Different age groups require different exercise & nutrition plans
Leanne and her mate Healthy Harry has designed programs that fit your age bracket. As always, you can modify the programs based on your individual needs and any injuries you may have.
What Are Your Options Now?
  • Continue on the same deadmill and getting no results?
  • Keep searching for the magic pill or potion?
  • Wait and watch your waistline expand?
GET STARTED on a path that will lead you to LIFE long health & fitness!!