Who Else Wants To Get Back Money From The IRS?
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Why Amend Your Tax Return?
The IRS allows you to go back 3 years and fix any mistakes on your returns. They also alow you to add in missed deductions!
How Much Money Can You Get?
You never know until you look. I have gotten back anywhere from $500 to over $20,000 for my clients. The only way to find out is to have your return reviewed.

At my last live seminar, I reviewed a return and she ended up getting $3,423 back from the IRS for only one year!
 Why Steven Spangenberg?
With over 40 years of home based business tax experience, Steven is your man to find the deductions that others have missed!
Why Amend Now? Latest Refunds:
Nicole P from MD - $1,979

Holly From PA - $1,028

Hannah from PA - $2,005

Holly From PA - $3,928

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 What is the process?
Once you pay the small review fee, I will email you with the information to send. We communicate via email until the final amount you will be getting back is determined.
 What are your fees?
For any group of returns that get back less than $500, there is no fee. If you get back over $500, the fee is $195
 How long until I get my money back?
The IRS takes 6-8 weeks to send your money.
How much money is in your tax returns?