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Things To Do
If you have recently inherited property you might be interesting in learning more about selling.
First things first.
You want to make sure that things are being taken care of so you don’t create future problems. In particular you want to consider these items:
  • •  The mortgage is getting paid
    •  The insurance is up to date
    •  The property taxes are handled
    •  All maintenance items are managed
  • You will want to make sure that the house – if it is empty – doesn’t look like it is unoccupied. You will want to take care of:
  • •  Mowing the lawn
    •  Other gardening is done
    •  All mail is collected
    •  Flyers are not piling up
    •  And the newspaper is discontinued
  • Now you might be thinking of selling inherited property by using a realtor. We always recommend using a local realtor as they know the market better than anyone.
Working With Realtors
We are not a realtor. But we work with many and they are great people. 
The realtor is going to be talking to you about the things that need to be done before it can be put on the market. They will probably cover:

  • •  Painting
    •  Electrical system updates
    •  Plumbing
    •  Roof
    •  Windows
    •  Insulation
    •  Heating/Air Conditioning
    •  Carpet/Flooring
    •  Appliances
    •  Lighting
    •  Landscaping
    •  Garage/Storage Areas
    •  Crawlspace/Attic

  • Of course not all of these will need to be fixed. But with many older homes that have been lived in for years, regular maintenance may not have been kept up to date.

  • Realtors will also cover two of the most expensive parts of the house – the kitchen and the bathrooms.

  • By going with a good realtor you should be able to get the most money when selling inherited property. But you will want to consider two things:

    1. Realtors charge for their service. As they should. That will 3% - 6% of the selling price.
    2. Your investment needed to fix those things necessary before putting the house on the market and your time.
Long Distance Inheritance
If the inherited property is local, that will reduce the amount of your time required. But if it is a long distance inheritance the time commitment may add up quickly. Your time is valuable.
  • In current times it is very likely that inherited property is not going to be local. So it is important to work with people that know the market of the property.
Do you have options with inherited property? More than you might think. This is where we come in.

  • One alternative more and more people are turning to in selling inherited property is to sell for cash. That is what we do. We buy houses – in almost any condition – for cash. It can be much quicker than going through a realtor.

  • But the really good news for the seller is that they will not need to spend any time or money getting the house ready.

  • But what if you have to go through probate. Can you still sell the house quickly for cash? In most cases the answer is yes.

  • But you need to talk with your estate attorney and administrator/personal representative.
  • We are not attorneys and do not give legal advice. We always point people to their own attorney to answer legal questions.
  • But even if the estate is headed to probate, you do have options.
  • If you would like more information on how we might be able to help you in selling inherited property, let’s talk. You can reach us at (747) 333-8789. If you get the message, please let us know the best contact number and best time to reach you.
  • There is no cost or no obligation for the conversation. We want to hear your story. And see if we might be able to work together on selling inherited property.

Tom Leonard
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The most valuable asset is the team of real estate professionals that are available to help out on any transaction. No two properties - or situations - are the same. The most important thing is to know where to turn to for trusted advice.