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Find out about Viddybooks, what our Mission is and what are plans are for this Platform
Was $6.99/ Now $5.00
Learn about the Subject of Healing in the Bible.  Is it still for us today? 
$9.95/ Now 6.87
Lucifer means bearer of Light, but that was before he fell from grace.  Find out who he really is, and what he is up to now.
$8.99/ Now $6.87
A key is meant for access.  Find out about the key that opens up the access of you and for you.
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Many Question whether Healing is Real.  We trust in Science More.  Find out the Truth 
$12.95/ Now $9.97
Were you aware that Our Father desires us to draw closer to Him?  It's time to Start 
$4.95/ Now $1.99
In a Race there is always fervent competition for the Victory.  Find out now about the Greatest Race that was ever Designed.
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Is God already within us?  Are we all children of God. .
$7.95/ Now $5.87
What is Humility, Truly?  Is it really that difficult, or is it easier than what we think it is?  
$12.95/ Now $8.97
Believe it or Not, God's Promises behave similarly like in a Contract.  Promises you can stand on.
$6.95/ Now $4.77
In the Game of Chess there is a battle going on between thoughts and the will of mind.  In the Invisible War you will discover the hidden battle going on right now over our minds and souls
$12.95/ Now $8.97
What is really going on inside of our Christian Growth, as the fruits of the Spirit are actually being developed? For what purpose does our Spiritual Territory and Favor get expanded?
$4.77/ Now $1.99
Is there more to Einstein's equation than just (E=mc2)?  If so what is it, and how does one kind of light influence another?
$12.95/ Now $8.87
Many think Science and the Bible Contradict each other.  If God Created everything shouldn't Science point to the Word of God?
$7.95/ Now $6.87
This book will take you on a journey, where you will find out about your inheritance that is due to you.  You say, “What inheritance?” 
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