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Most business owners use a random selection of marketing services.

Services Like These That Charge You Every Single Month


To manage your subscribers most Autoresponders will charge you $50 - $80 per month. Some charge even more than this depending on the size of your subscriber list.


Depending on the size of your business, hosting can cost hundreds per month. Depending on the bandwidth and processing speeds you need, the costs can skyrocket. Genius Marketing Pro includes top of the line hosting that can handle videos and streaming content without slowing down your sites.

Page Builder

A page builder for Sales pages, another for Capture pages, a WordPress plug-in for A/B testing, a bundle of plugins for managing affiliates costs $67 per month or more.


Good quality designers can cost hundreds or thousands per month. Depending on how many webpages your are using, that can really add up over time. Genius Marketing Pro saves you hours of precious time and money on going back and forth with designers by offering many design templates anyone can edit.


Decent copywriters charge $2,000 per project on the low end. Some copywriters require a monthly retainer to be available for even small changes. When you're just getting started every penny counts. You need a built-in copywriting software to give you the tools to quickly and easily write copy that converts. Save that money for profit or building other areas of your business.

For years we’ve yearned for a centralized “one and done”
marketing platform that could do it all.

This Is What Happens When People Actually
Work Together To Solve Problems!

Software that allows you to easily create and edit different types of web pages.

Includes an autoresponder, social sharing features, exit pop-ups, share-codes and more.

High quality tutorials and step by step webinars to show how to master this system.

Everything you need to launch and scale your automated online business.

All this in one centralized web based platform… nothing to download and just one log-in to remember!

PART ONE: Easy to Use, High Quality Page Building Software

That means you can create sales pages, registration pages, landing pages, video sales pages easily using our drag and drop templates.

Everything you need to create a complete high quality, high converting marketing funnel from beginning to end with ease.

Create Beautiful Pages From Scratch With “Click, Drag & Drop” Ease.

Click, drag and drop any element (.jpg, .gif, buy now button, sign up form, video, etc.) exactly where you want it on the page and you’re set.

Use one of our 50 (& growing) + sleek done-for-you templates.

You can customize any part of your page just click the component you want to customize it’s as easy as that.

Desktop and mobile formats with responsive on-screen previews. Web-based so there’s nothing to install and you can access it from anywherep>

Conversion Boosting Tools

Countdown timers, social sharing widgets, surveys, and lead capture exit pop-ups to help generate higher conversions.


Enjoy free hosting for all the pages you create within Genius Marketing Pro.


Hey, we hope you love everything about Genius Marketing Pro. But if you want, you can download your pages and upload to your own server. Yes, take your content anywhere you choose!

Seamless Dashboard With Built-In Analytical Tools.

Easy A/B split testing built right in. Add your links and track your clicks on every page. Intuitive dashboard makes it easy to identify strengths and weaknesses in your funnel.

Duplicate and tweak your winning funnels with a few simple keystrokes. Easily drag and drop pages to different parts of your funnel. Copy your converting pages into other funnels.

PART TWO: Built In Autoresponder Software

It’s easy to move your funnel to Genius Marketing Pro. Use our built-in autoresponder software, or use your own. GMP is compatible with most AutoResponder software, including Boost Responder, Constant Contact, MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber and more!

PART THREE: Built In Affiliate Platform

Sell your products inside the Genius Marketing Pro affiliate platform. This is groundbreaking (and possibly the most exciting) part of GMP. Personalized Affiliate Management System so you can get paid and pay your affiliates fast!

PART FOUR: Copywriting Software

Yes, we’ve built copywriting software inside Genius Marketing Pro! Some people, we’ll call them CRAZY, actually enjoy writing. Whether you “like” writing persuasive sales copy or not, you might not have time for it. And most people cannot afford to shell out $5,000 for a good copywriter.

Austin Anthony - IMBuddies.Com

I’ve tried a lot of different page builders over the years; everything from LeadPages.net to ClickFunnels to Instapage and they all have their strengths but none of them have been capable of providing all of the pieces I need for a product launch, so I’d end up using several different platforms to get the same end results that I can get here in a single product.

Marius Price - vlydo.com

I’m cancelling my subscriptions to everything else, Buying this is a no brainer because it replaces several other products that I’ve been using and those charge me monthly like clockwork. Plus this gives me some extra goodies like surveys that I get to use for market research etc. Pure win.

Sorin Constantin - Pro Udemy Instructor & Marketer

I’ve tried a lot of different page builders over the years; everything from LeadPages.netThe templates are really fresh and fully brandable, I’m getting very good results with the landing pages from Genius Marketing Pro. They are performing on par with pages created by a pro designer and so now for less than a third of what I was paying a designer for a single landing page I can now build as many as I want, great value!

You're Going To Get Genius Marketing Pro Which Includes The Tools And Training

Which Includes:

Page Building Software

Built in Autoresponder Software

Social Media Sharing

Affiliate Marketing Platform

Affiliate Management Software

Digital Product Delivery System

Physical Product Tracking System

Step by Step training

Copywriting Software ($5,000+)


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You have our 100% titanium solid guarantee that if you’re dissatisfied for any reason we'll send you your money back.

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You have our 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.